The Top Five Highest Rated Satellite Radio Shows

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Satellite radio is becoming something that a whole lot more people are signing up for today. The satellite radio shows are picking up speed because there are some great people that are captivating to listen to.

The Dave Ramsey show is something that millions of people are listening to. A nation of consumers are in some real financial trouble and Dave is giving lots of people a good way out.

The Howard Stern show is still keeping people laughing. The show is not as popular as it once was, but still has a decent audience. This is something that had a big shock value in the beginning, but it is more about Howard Stern appeal now.

Glenn Beck has become someone that people seem to idolize. He has been able to do television shows, write books and make a very successful living with his radio shows. He had captivated an audience of millions with all of his extreme conservative political views. This has definitely made Beck a popular satellite radio favorite among many. The bulk of the talk that Glenn Beck does today represents what people in radio want. They want someone to argue about the politics of bad economy.

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