When Radio Was All There Was To Entertain Us

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In the beginning radio entertainment fit in well with the lifestyle of the time, much better than television would have. Leisure time rarely existed and often people would listen to the radio while engaged in other activities. In the early 1900s unlike today, the average work week was 60-70 hours not the typical 40 hours or less. Housewives, without modern conveniences spent the better part of a day cleaning their homes, preparing meals and completing other required jobs Radio only requires you listen so it kept many so it was a welcome source of entertainment while engaged in often monotonous jobs.

Radio entertainment in those days was unlike radio today. Programs like news, sports and music were common, but it also included some vastly different programming. A number of program styles found on television today, had their beginnings in radio. Soap operas, weekly series, plays, and sitcoms were common. In the early years of television there were sometimes two versions of the same programs carried, one on radio and the other on television. The long running series of “Gunsmoke” is one example. It aired on radio from 1952 until 1961 and on television from 1955 to 1975.

If you are currently involved in doing something and do not want to involve the effort needed to watch television, give an old radio show a shot. There are many sources online and off to access old radio programs. You will be pleasantly surprised that shows that aired years ago can be just as entertaining today as they were then.

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