Trash Talk Radio And It’s Affects On Teens and Tweens

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The human brain is simply amazing; small toddlers can listen to and repeat what people say. Thus, it is important to be careful what children hear. In our modern day world, trash talk radio is popular, and it definitely affects our teens and tweens.

Adults shake their heads when they hear about another tween or teen committing a horrific act. However, our society does not talk enough about trash talk radio, and it’s affects on teens and tweens.

What children see and hear impacts their thinking. Cable and satellite radio provide adult content that is not appropriate for children. Unfortunately, parents are often too busy to monitor what their children are listening to at home.

Although it is not realistic to totally eliminate negative influences, parents can minimize trash talk radio and it’s affects on teens and tweens. It is a parent’s duty to monitor what their children listen to on their computers, iPads, iPods, and other modern technology.

Parents can also use some of the topics on trash radio as teachable moments. Although the radio jocks are focused on getting ratings and a bigger audience, parents can start provocative conversations with their tweens and teens.

Most importantly, we all must understand that what we listen to influences everything. Increased promiscuity, violence, bullying, and suicide are all results of what is going on inside of the mind. We must guard our tweens and teens’ minds from negative trash talk.

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